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Live Resin THC:CBN  Microdose Oil (Indica)

Live Resin THC:CBN Microdose Oil (Indica)

  • What is a THC "Microdose?"
    Our Live Resin Sativa THC Microdose, at 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBN per serving, is a great way to enhance your rest having a full THC dose psychedelic experience.

    Our microdose oils provide precision and control of your THC experience. Experience all the groove without any of the sugar found in edibles, and let our organic Vanilla flavor guide you towards the feeling that you desire. 

    Click here for our Hybrid THC Microdose

    Click here for our Sativa THC Microdose

    Live Resin is made with cannabis that's frozen immediately after harvesting, which preserves the unique expression of terpenes in each strain. This delivers unmatched effects for cannabis connoisseurs and new users alike. Our Indica Live Resin comes from the relaxing Cherry Pie strain.  

    Organic MCT Oil MCT oil, derived from coconuts, is known for its rapid absorption and potential health benefits; research suggests MCT oil may improve cognitive function and support heart health.


    Ingredients (shake well):  Organic MCT Coconut oil, Hemp Extract, Organic Vanilla Flavor

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