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Save Hemp in Louisiana!

SB237 is set for a vote on the Louisiana House floor Monday, May 20th (subject to change). If passed, it will effectively ban hemp in Louisiana and shut 100's of businesses down, cause 1000's of people to lose jobs, and would prevent access to a plant that is federally legal agriculture.

HB952 has passed the House and is on its way to the Senate, and is the only bill that allows continued freedom of regulated hemp access in Louisiana.

The message that Louisiana Representatives need to hear....

VOTE NO to SB237! SB237 will destroy 100's of local businesses, 1000's of jobs, and remove freedom of access to federally legal agriculture. This is not the right thing for Louisiana.  

Instead, VOTE YES to HB952 which adds further regulations to hemp to increase safety and stability, and will save 100's of businesses, 1000's of jobs, 1,000,000's in tax revenue in Louisiana.


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Louisiana Residents
(by email)

CLICK HERE to send a pre-written email to the Representatives and Senators in your district, via the Hemp Association of Louisiana that we co-founded. Once you click the link above, click Email Your Elected Official and input your address.

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Non-Louisiana Residents
(By Email)

CLICK HERE to find a list of all Rep's emails. CLICK HERE to find a list of all 39 Senator's emails. Copy and Paste the Save Hemp messaging above and use the subject line "Vote NO on SB237 & YES on HB952". 

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(By PHone)

It's time to light up every phone in the Louisiana House of Reps and Senators, with the Save Hemp messaging above. CLICK HERE for all Rep's phone numbers and CLICK HERE for all Senator's phone numbers. You can recite the messaging above, or simply say you are calling to express extreme opposition to SB237 and support for HB952, because you believe in access to hemp, which is federal legal agriculture.

Thank you for making a difference!
YOUR voice matters! 


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